The Dark Highlander

I am Dageus MacKeltar, a man with one good conscience
and thirteen bad ones, driven to sate my darkest desires…

From his penthouse lair high above Manhattan, Dageus looks out over a glittering city that calls to the darkness within him. A sixteenth-century Scot trapped between worlds, he is fighting a losing battle with the thirteen Druids who possess his soul, dooming him to an eternity of sexual pursuit. When Chloe Zanders, student of antiquities, is drawn into his world, she finds the insatiable alpha male an irresistible lure. Before long, she is caught up in an ancient prophecy that will sweep her back into time to medieval Scotland. Plunged into a world of timeless magic and dark seduction, she will soon face the challenge of a lifetime: fighting thirteen evil spirits for the heart of one irresistible man...


"Pulsing with sexual tension, Moning delivers a tale romance fans will be talking about for a long time."
~The Oakland Press

"Move over Angel, Buffy and The Highlander; make room for Dageus MacKeltar...The Dark Highlander is dynamite, dramatic and utterly riveting...Dageus is pure Alpha male: a mix of raw sex and danger just too tempting to resist."
~RT Book Reviews/Top Pick

"Darker, sexier and more serious than Moning's previous time-travel romances...this wild, imaginative romp takes readers on an exhilarating ride through time and space."
~Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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