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Welcome to my new website—your first stop for all news KMM.  With the way social media (translated Facebook) has changed in the past few years (translated that even if you make it clear you really, really want to see posts from a page—too bad—you don’t get to see them because a mysterious algorithm that knows nothing about you has decided you have no clue what you really want) we’ve designed the website with an emphasis on getting the facts out to the people who really DO want them in a professional, informative and timely fashion.

In the future, we will be posting important news here at my blog and have created a BLOG SIGNUP so you can be notified each time a new blog is posted and never miss the important stuff. We have no algorithm here—you want the news, we’ll send it.

Important news means the following: Release dates, book launch parties and events, book covers, book blurbs, book teasers, things of the like.  Occasionally you’ll get something just from me on a more personal note but most will be aimed at keeping you in the loop so you don’t miss anything important.

We have a new feature at the website: ASK KMM.  Submit your question via the form on the home page of the website. Each month we'll select three questions to answer in a blog post.  Questions about future, not-yet published books won't be answered.


(Ah, Christ did she really say that?)

Sure did. I’ll be tossing out a few tidbits over the next few weeks.

It’s possible you’ll get a really juicy teaser shortly before the on sale date. 🙂

The only other thing I’ll say about FEVERBORN is this: I fucking love it. And I never say nice things about the stuff I write.  But this one is special to me.

First teaser is a quote I learned myself in the past few years, thanks to life in general and a character that speaks only when he feels like it but is always worth shutting up and listening to...


Don’t be afraid of the monster. She knows what she’s doing. ~ Jericho Barrons

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  1. Sign me up!!
  2. Wow! I wonder if that teaser means Mac will use the part of the book inside her.
  3. Yayyyyy KMM updates! Congrats on the beautiful new page!
  4. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!
  5. Woohoo! Cannot wait to read your next bit of brilliance, already took the day off so I can cuddle up and enjoy!
  6. Very excited and I can hear Jericho Barrons saying just that quote.
  7. Squeed myself to death!!!
  8. Thank you Karen for all you do for us Maniacs! Can't wait for Feverborn!!!!
  9. Grats on the new website! So excited to see the blog...thanks so much!
  10. holy fecking awesome. This made my entire year and I am so SO excited about this blog and the QUESTIONS!! Any just anything and everything we can get from you, and I'm so psyched for FeverBorn ANYTHING. Thank you! Thank you for caring so much for your fans, we love you! Now to obsess about which questions to ask :)
  11. obviously I was a little excited, please excuse the grammar mistakes lol
  12. So excited for the teasers and NOLA! Thanks for the Blog, it will be great to stay informed this way.
  13. The " monsters" aren't always who we think they are...
  14. I am so glad you are doing this blog! I have a question when will the new paperback version of Iced with the new cover be released?
  15. Gorgeous website and blog! I so love it! Can't wait for your next release. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and amazing new year!
  16. KMM Admin
    Tina, there's not a specific date. The next printing of ICED will be with the new covers. :)
  17. I LOVE this site so far! I can't wait to explore more. The link is right on my desktop. Karen, thanks for being the cool chick you are. Merry Christmas!!!
  18. Pam
    Love this! Been missing the old site! Will be nice seeing posts again!
  19. tm
    Soooo ready for more Mac & Barrons!!! And all the others of course!
  20. Very excited about your new site. Congratulations!
  21. Yah!!! So glad KMM has a web site again, like in the "OLD DAYS"!!! Not a Facebook fan, really missed the old boards with Jo and Aprilssix disecting everything -- it made my day, gave me something to think about all day at work. Hope old features like that make it to the new site!!
  22. This site is fabulous! But of course it is... :D
  23. I love it!!! It's bookmarked on my Kindle!!! I can't wait for more :-)
  24. So looking forward the FeverBorn..........I believe Mac will come to terms to face herself(aka The Book inside)......and she will survive as Barrons will always keep her alive.....ahhhhh <3
  25. Hi!!!! Hola!!!
  26. So excited!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!📚📚📚📚📚🎉🎉🎉
  27. I am desperate for the next book. I just adored Burned and the wait is killing me slowly.
  28. I'm in !! Signed up and ready for that juicy teaser!!
  29. Congratulations to you! Your new page is awesome. Looking forward to the new release!
  30. Sign me up please!
  31. This is great!!!
  32. Really want more of Dani & Ryodan! Can't wait!
  33. Do I register for the page AND the blog or does one do it all?
  34. KMM Admin
    You want to register for the blog. If you register for the page, you'll only get notifications when this page is update. :)
  35. jcb
    Counting down the days until Jan. 19! Love the new website--it's beautiful. Any chance of adding a forum to it? I really miss being able to discuss the books with other fans.
  36. Can't wait
  37. I just want that book!!!!!
  38. You are my favorite author. I am so excited about this ne book. My husband and I both enjoy all of your reads