Teaser 5

will destroy

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  1. jcb
    Sounds like Christian may be finally getting his revenge! Less than a week!
  2. AAAAAAAARGH I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! 😭 The audiobook isn't available in the uk :'(
  3. Go Christian!! ❤️
  4. Well......someone with wings......could it be Christian.......then there's Barron's vanishing....Hmmmm, Barron is snarling.......Ryodan concerned for Mac's safety ......or could it be Cruse (here I go again wondering if I'm spelling the name correctly).....please accept my apology.....
  5. Ooooh! i can't wait to read the rest of this scene because it looks like it's going to be hella fun!!!
  6. kay
    Maybe... could be anyone! Can't wait! P.S. for all those in New Orleans this weekend for the big party...just heard on radio that there will be a 2nd line parade in tribute to Bowie that starts at 4pm on Saturday. Y'all have fun!
  7. This is totally Christian! I can't wait for the book release! I hope we get one more teaser released today.
  8. Fever song was brilliant as are all of your books. It leaves me wanting so much more and I can't wait to see what is next.