Feverborn Teaser 3


"Great.  And there you go. Fine. I'll be fine alone. I'm always fine alone," he shouted after her. "It's just that you're the only person I ever feel completely alive with. You're the only girl that ever gets half of what I say. Do I really have to come up with some fucking superpower just to hang out with you?"

She stopped. Completely alive. She remembered feeling that once. Running the streets of her town with him, laughing and planning and fighting, amazed and thrilled that she got to be alive in such an exciting time.  She remembered, too, the unique feeling of being so easily understood by him. They'd had an effortless rapport.

"Run away," he said, shaking his head. "It's what you do best."


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  1. Oh man, I think I know who'she talking!! Come on January 19th I want to read this book!!!
  2. Aaaah!! I can't wait for this book! These teasers are amazing. 😄
  3. Omg omg omg omg!!!!!! Tears. Dancer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love these teasers!
  4. Dancer!!
  5. I guess the old Dani did make an appearance.
  6. <3 Dancer
  7. omg omg omg x2 DANCER! I love that geek boy! I don't wanna see him all sad noooo! I hope there's more of him.. & omg!
  8. Dead. I cannot wait for this book to come out!
  9. Yes, we are wondering about Dancer.....If Jada aka Dana would remember their time together......ahhhh, the teaser that leaves us to hunger for more in-sight of FEVERBORN....
  10. Ahhhhhh! Yes! Dancer and Dani?!?!!!!!!!
  11. Aww poor guy. Does she really remember ? Oh the questions... NEED the book
  12. Oh I thought I would cry!!!! I knew she would remember Dancer!!!! That was totally awesome! I can't wait!
  13. OMGOMGOMG! We get, like, one of these every day until RELEASE DAY????? Fecking AWESOME! Thanks!
  14. I'll never be emotionally ready for Dancer or Lor to see Jada for the first time. Ryodan's reactions made me bawl. This book is going to wreck me in the best way!
  15. Dancer. Looking forward to getting to know him more. I was wondering if he was one of the UK parts.
  16. Lee
    Aww. Poor Dancer. I wouldn't leave you.
  17. Really alive, really alive. Dancer and Dani... what an awesome combo. A man who lets Dani be Dani, and someone who didn't betray her by accident or on purpose
  18. I cannot wait another week+ to get my hands on this book!!! I'm listening to Burned again now.. Will possibly do a start to finish revamp when it's over. And DANCER.. To take a page from my teenagers book... I'm dying of the feeeeels
  19. Been anxious to see how Dancer (and Lor) would respond to Jada, and how Dani would reemerge to blend with her other self. January 19th can't get here soon enough!!
  20. Dancer and Dani!? Is Dani O'malley fecking back!? Woohooo