ASK KMM: February 2016

askKMMQ: Pat: What’s happening with future Fever books? Is FEVERSONG the last book or are there 2 more books? I'm seeing conflicting information online.

KMM: Just as SHADOWFEVER was the conclusion to the first story arc, FEVERSONG concludes the second story arc. I talked about this in my August 2015 blog post where I said: “ICED was my DARKFEVER, setting the stage and engaging emotion where I wanted it, BURNED is my BLOODFEVER, building the scenery and developing the nuances necessary, FEVERBORN is FAEFEVER & DREAMFEVER where the stakes become increasingly clear and everything goes code red. FEVERSONG is my SHADOWFEVER, where the shit I've been stirring into a mystery and a puzzle and a pattern hits the fan and flies off the blades to take its true form.”

I think the confusion stems from a recent post in which I told fans I agreed to write an additional two Fever novels for Random House. They will not be part of the current story arc. The current story arc ends with FEVERSONG.

Q: Dawn: How is the second story arc you’re telling different from the first five books of the Fever series?

KMM: I’m not sure I entirely understand this question but here goes: In the first five books, everything was mysterious because you were just meeting the characters. And the mysterious is exciting, compelling, sexy. Not knowing what’s really going on heightens the reader’s sense of danger and titillation. By the time we get to the second story arc, we know the characters better. We’re seeing behind Oz’s curtain. A writer has to go one way or the other: keep it eternally mysterious (which would drive me crazy) or enter into the character’s true selves, behind Oz’s curtain. So the first five books, I’d say you’re seeing the curtain and in the next part of the series, you’re getting glimpses behind it.

I’d also say the first story arc was about Mac discovering what she was and wasn’t. The second story arc is about finding out what she does about that. The first story arc was about meeting Dani. The second story arc is about Dani becoming the next thing. And finally, both story arcs are about this: Mac had all the love in the world but had suffered no trauma, had never developed true strength. Her story is about finding strength. She hasn’t attained it at the end of SHADOWFEVER. Her ‘strength’ at the end of the first story arc is Barrons—making their relationship imbalanced, and Mac knows it. Mac knows she has to address her insecurities about herself before she can ever have a truly phenomenal relationship with her man. Dani had all the strength in the world but no love. Now is her time to know love. Both characters start out flawed, in a state of enormous imbalance. My goal is to balance both by the end. Evolution, transformation is always my theme. These stories aren’t really about Barrons or Ryodan or any of the men. They’re about Mac and Dani.

Q: Jenny: Is Shazam real? You can't leave me hanging. I love him so much! He has to be real!

KMM: You’ll find out in FEVERSONG, which will be released in January 2017.

Q: Rosie: I love how Dani/Jada is evolving. Will we get to see more of her time in the silvers?

KMM: I’m certainly open to it. It was five plus years and a great deal happened. The question I have to ask myself as the writer is how much backstory is relevant to events that unfold in FEVERSONG. I love writing Dani at 14 as well as at her current age, so we’ll see.

Q: Maria: I love Mac and Barrons but my best friend doesn’t get it (maybe I need a new best friend, LOL) she wants more romance. What do you think it is about them that makes them so polarizing?

KMM: First, thanks! I love Mac and Barrons, too. Second, we all have different tastes, different desires in a relationship. I cringe at the thought of a joined-at-the-hip kind of relationship but my BFF has exactly that and loves it. Different strokes for different folks.

I think what makes Mac and Barrons polarizing is that they have a non traditional romance. They’re both pure Alphas at varying phases of evolution and Alphas aren’t big on pillow talk, or any kind of talk at all. They’re the strong silent type and can be hard to handle. There are degrees of Alpha. Barrons is a mature, pure Alpha, born in a barbaric time (and no I’m not telling you when) who has endured many living hells and who—although he has evolved throughout a small eternity—will always be a product of his origins, driven by the beast within. He obeys no law but his own. He’s been saying from the beginning, look at my actions, don’t ask for words. Ryodan tells Mac early on the key to understanding Barrons when he says “words can be twisted into any shape….the wisest man is the silent one. Judge him by his actions.” Actions are all the really count to M & B, ergo the dearth of conversation.

(As an interesting side note, one of my friends told me back in college that he believed the best relationship a person could have was with someone who didn’t speak the same language—he was also an Alpha. He said, words confuse things enormously because the same word can have a completely different connotation to different people. He married a Japanese woman and they never learned each other’s language. They have an amazing marriage. Again, different strokes…)

Mac is a young pure Alpha who is still defining herself and her needs. Mac & Barrons require a lot of room to breathe and make their own decisions—right or wrong. Neither are the type to confide or ask for advice. They’re prickly and independent. Respecting each other’s space and boundaries is critical to them, they both enjoy—even require—large chunks of solitary time. As sex is often the only place an Alpha shows raw emotion, sex between Alpha partners is intense and necessary to their feeling of unity. That they choose to be intimate with each other is the way they show the depth of their unconditional commitment. A sort of raw, fierce primal: you are mine and I am yours, always.

But some people—my BFF and maybe yours—like romantic talk, verbal foreplay and expressions of love, flowers and candy and and for that reason an Alpha partnership doesn’t work for them.

Q: Sally: How do you explain Jada dancing to Hozier when the song didn’t come out until after the walls fell?

KMM: Some of these question I never see coming! Since I’ve never mentioned what YEAR it is in any of the Fever books, you must be making the assumption that the year one of the books in the series was published equates to the fictional year is in the book—which is impossible because only one year has passed in both story arcs so far, and I’ve published 8 books over ten years. I chose to give only the month and day (with the exception of when I define time/AWC) from the very beginning, so the series would always be current.

Q: Ellen: As an aspiring writer, I have a technical question. How do you handle having so many Alphas on the stage?

KMM: Good question! I addressed this at the FEVERBORN Launch also (Link to Q&A). It’s difficult and I do it as well as I can but I think it’s a catch-22 when you have this many primary characters that readers love. I have to remove certain primary characters in order to give other characters’ stage time and once I remove them, people who love that character get upset, they want to know what’s going on with them. I get emails from people who think Dani and Dancer and Ryodan don’t belong in these books, and feel it’s Mac and Barrons’ story. I get just as many emails from people who think exactly the opposite. The fact is, they’re all in it and they all belong in it. There will always be readers who want one character on the page right now more than any other. I feel the same way when I read GRRM. I’m like—wait—get back to this character right now, damn it! My advice to you if you’re just starting out is limiting the Alphas you put on the stage. Keep a tight focus. It’s easier on both the writer and reader.

Thank you for sending your questions in. They’re so much fun to read. Keep ‘em coming!

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  1. Mel
    Can you give us a glimpse at what the third story arc (post Feversong) will look like? Will it still focus on Dani and/or Mac's story, or someone else?
  2. I love the Fever books. I tried to read the books slowly but get so consume by them, and I cannot put that book down. Here is my question. How did you come up with the Fever story ?
  3. Even though we know you have yet to divulge what the nine ( or 10) are, could you tell us if the origins of the nine is taken from myth or folklore, or, are they purely imagination? I have pondered everything from fallen angels to Greek gods. I guess what I am asking is there an established history that could explain the nine if you ever decided to name their beasts?
  4. Will we see the full story of the Jo and Kate in Feversong?
  5. KMM Admin
    Nope. But I will tell you I won't be done with Dani/Jada at the end of Feversong. Try not to run with that and spin a million theories. I know being patient is hard. :)
  6. So ends the story of Mac to fever born
  7. GRRM?
  8. Mel
    This just made my day! Thank you! Oh and you know we do love our theories, but I'll do my best :)
  9. I really enjoy reading/listening to the whole series, it's an amazing story. I do have a question though. Will you be publishing a story of how the 9 became the 9, their backstory? It would be an interesting spin off book to explain where they came from, how they obtained their forms, etc. Also, I think a spin off to Dani in the silvers would be a great book to read too. These books wouldn't necessarily have to tie in with the story that's going on now but just a back story to tie the mystery of everything. I'm curious to know more about the 9 and more about Dani in the silvers.
  10. KMM Admin
    George RR Martin
  11. What book of yours is your favorite?
  12. I am the worst reader, I hate reading. But I have read all of your highlander series, and your fever novels and I own them all. I am obsessed. Are there any talks of a movie or TV series about your fever novels? (I know the movies are never as good as the books) But having something to watch would be a terrific treat while waiting for your next book.
  13. I am an enormous fan of the fever series. Please tell me that fever born is not the last of the series. I am going out of my mind trying to figure out where the story goes after the last sentence of this book. I am a very patient person and willing to wait until the next book comes out as long as this doesn't end like this.
  14. KMM Admin
    Shona, FEVERSONG will be out Jan 2017. :)
  15. I keep hoping for a TV show too. The 9 would be tough to cast but if done right, that would be one EPIC show.
  16. I've finally succeeded in having my husband listen to the first five in the Fever series as now I can talk to him about my favorite books! (He prefers Dani and I like it's interesting to see who each person gravitates towards.) I guess I'm the only one that likes Cruce! One of the best elements for me in a continuing series is to have an amazingly complicated and sympathetic villain/anti-hero. He reminds me of Loki from the Thor movies, he's done some horrible things, but when the world is in danger, he steps up and saves it. I'm really optimistic that he and Mac might team up with their "knowledge" and stop the world from being sucked into a blackhole. Frankly, of all the Fae, if I was to choose a reasonable ruler -- it would be him. I think all the other Fae are too self-absorbed to bother being a true leader. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I really like all his complications. And a lot of the "bad things" that he's done, probably don't even make sense to him as his morality scale is completely alien. Plus, he's sooooo pretty! ^_^
  17. I just finished Feverborn. I have to tell you that I both love and hate you with a passion right now. It was an infuriatingly good read, and I want MORE. Damn it. :)
  18. Oh no, more praise for your writing. Hope it doesn't become redundant and you still enjoy the accolades. I am truly sorry for the loss you and your family suffered. I've always loved your writing, and appreciate it all the more knowing first hand the hardships you faced and still produced written gold. The Mac and Jada/Dani dynamic, I so love. The Alina twist threw OMG reading moment. Christian had some laugh out loud one liners too. Really don't want to wish the year away, but 2017 for Feversong cannot get here soon enough! I am one of many avid readers of all things KMM. THANK YOU!
  19. Kim
    Jenny, you are not the only one who likes Cruce. I missed him in Iced and Burned. I'm so glad he popped back up in Feverborn. I would love to see him and Evil Mac, as I now call her, partner up. Barrons would go all kinds of beasty crazy ... LOL KMM ... love the series! I get a kick out of reading messageboards where everyone is tossing theories around. I just shake my head and think to myself, "She's gonna throw ya'll a curve ball that you'll never see comin'" :-)
  20. Ms. Moning, Regarding the scribe who recorded Fae history: Did the scribe also drink from the Fae cauldron? I'd so, could it be possible that the scribe chose not to drink from it in order to retain all of the Fae history? Thank you
  21. George R. R. Martin I think.
  22. In one of her books she explains that someone else will take the position of the scribe so that the current scribe may drink from the cauldron.
  23. I love the series. I wish I had discovered it after the last book was out bc I honestly hate the wait. I totally loose the thread and it's very annoying. But what I meant to say is that I wish it woul dbecome a movie, but not any movie, bc this story doesn't fit in traditional moviemaking or blockbuster-CGI-commercial-types, it would ruin the story. This would be a perfect indie production, with a punk-kitch-cult vibe, something like True Blood meets Freddie Krueger meets Tim Burton. Where else would Shazam, a beast-child or the Unseelie Princes fit ?
  24. Thanks for the reply regarding the scribe. I asked because in the book 7 glossary it says that all Frank's from the cauldron except the scribs, Cruce and the Unseelie King. I guess one of the scribes chose not to drink. The theory is that it will be revealed that Dancer is the Scribe.
  25. No no no! I just finished Feverborn and will have a very hard time waiting until January! KMM you are my favorite author!
  26. Just finished Feverborn, my favorite of the series! My only complaint is that now I am in story withdrawal...I can't start another book, I love to read, until I can stop thinking about Feverborn every second of every day!
  27. What I can't get over is your uncanny understanding of people! Their thoughts,actions, interactions - it's like you've studied people in depth for years ! The way you are able to think and respond for every multifaceted character is bloody brilliant ! I love the plot - and who the characters are - but their thoughts and actions are the proof of your genius .
  28. […] no way am done with her story. (You might check out the recent Q&A I did and also the previous Ask KMM for more […]
  29. Karen Moning
    It's always the one I'm currently working on, Miranda--right now FEVERSONG. After it's published and I can look back with the objectively of a few years, I see things I wish I'd done differently/better and it drives me crazy. I try to incorporate those things into whatever I'm currently writing.
  30. I just finished Feverborn and it was my favorite so far, what a cliffhanger.I am so looking forward to your next book this has been one of my favorite series .I personally love it that you have more than one alpha.Mac and Barrons characters are written so well I love the relationship between them. I am starting to like Dani and Ryodan just as much if not more.Looking forward to your next one.Thank you for writing this Fever series that I have enjoyed reading so much!
  31. Ms. Moning, you have given me a world so rich and indulgent, my Fever is constant! I personally love all your characters and the depth and continous personal mystery you have established with each one throughout the series. I would love nothing more than a lifetime of the Fever world from your perspective and I am utterly ecstatic to continue this journey, faithfully by your side with my utmost trust. You are by far my favorite author and I'm impatiently waiting to see if I've been correct on any of my personal theories! Keep on keepin' on and I'm sending good vibes your way 😊
  32. I'm DYING with impatience. It's so so so hard to wait. I've probably read 200 books since Feverborn and I'm still feverish! :) Fever series is and will forever be my favorite series. The characters are so intriguing and the story so complex and surprising. I'm really hoping you follow through with more on Ry and the rest of the 9 and most definitely Christian when you're finished with Mac/Barrons and Dani. I can't get enough.
  33. I have been a fan for many years, love your books, my life has been enriched from your exciting, thrilling, sexy fever series. Let's not forget about the highlander series - fantastic! But, why oh why can we not have all these on Australian ITunes?? That's how I found your books, but then they just stopped, please can we have access to the whole series over here. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
  34. I feel like Dancer is a berzerker. He is so not intimidated by The Nine, and he is often conspicuously absent, until he shows up to care for/save/be loyal to Dani (who is never Jada to him). Just a thought.
  35. I read Fever series first then went back to highlander. I'm having so issues with the end of highlander series with what I already know from Fever. 1.The Queen A remebers the King in Highlander series, so how does that line up with Crude stealing her and giving her a potion and her becoming queen? 2. She went back in time to fix it to where she has her Fab 5 for when the world goes to crap 5years later that they will be a major part that fixes it. Will we see that in last book? They seem to just be a after thought in Fever. 3. If she went back to change for fever books why did she let herself get kidnapped? Why didn't she change that? 4. It had showed Adam Black 5years ahead with his daughter who has the sight as well as her mom and is implied that they will play a part but fever never introduced that. Will we see in wrap up of last book? I LOVED THESE BOOKS!!! Has been my favorite Paranormal in FOREVER!!!!!!
  36. Love your books. Will mac ever become pregnant?
  37. I just finished reading feversong! And I'm totally in love and totally bummed that it's over. I also picked up that their may be a little more post feversong envolving Dani and Ryodans complex relationship? Please say that this is so? I need to see them together! I can imagine it being as explosive as their personalities!
  38. Mel
    Absolutely loved.feversong.. there is no way its over there was a lot left open..i did enjoy they way certain things were.done though.. good job!